Rotary Cam Switches - S3 Series


They are used as Control switches in Control Panels and equipments such as Phase Changeover Panels, MV & HV - Vacuum Circuit Breakers, Gas Circuit Breakers, On Load Tap Changers, Motor control panels, instrumentation Panels, Machine tools & Electro-medical equipments. The switches are used as Mains switch, Selector Switch, Programme Switch or for tripping or closing of breakers either locally or from remote site. These switches offer advantage of having unlimited combinations of switching angels and indexing angels with stay put and spring return momentary contacts. Lost motion contacts can be cascaded, used for additional protection or for activating annunciator.


  • Continues current -10A d.c
  • Opereational current 2A at 220V D.C
  • Used as Auxiliary contacts in MV & HV Contact Brakers, Isolators, Ring Main Unit and similar   equipments
  • Compact & Modular Design
  • Knife Type contacting, making it suitable for D.C current switching
  • Self cleaning silver plated contacts can be cascaded to other switching devices

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