Rotary Knife Switches


Rotary knife switches are mudular & compact in design and are very versatile for switching a.c. as well as d.c. resistive & inductive loads. They are used as Control switches in Control Panels and equipments such as MV & HV - Vaccum Circuit Breakers, Gas Circuit Breakers, On Load Tap Changers and Motor control panels. The switches are used as Mains switch or for instrument selector i.e. Ammeter selector & Voltmeter selector switches. These switches offer advantage of having quick make and break contacts for on load d.c. applications.


  • Knife type of contacting making it suitable for switching on load d.c.
  • Self cleaning of contacts is done during the operation.
  • Modular design to achieve any number of poles with minimum components.
  • Specially designed operator independent quick make/break mechanism.
  • Superior insulating material ensures electricals & mechanical stability.


  • Conventional free AIr Thermal Current Rating (lth):16 Amp.
  • Operational Voltage: 220 volts d.c.
  • Operational Current: 6 Amp.
  • Utilisation Category: DC13
  • Switching capacity: Inductive loads with L/R ratio (time constant) of 20mS
  • Dielectric Strength: 2.0 kv for 1 minute
  • Insulation Resistance: > 500 Mohm
  • Mechanical Durability: > 5,00,000 operations
  • Electrical Durability: > 100,000 operations

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